Meine Appempfehlungen für iOS/iPadOS ab Version 12

1. AUM Au3 Host and DAW like Recording Environment

2. Audioshare Perfect Addon for AUM. Makes Filehandle (Audio and more) easy and light. Recording, Audio Editing, Converting, …
a.) AUM + Perforator – MIDI CC Automation – Parameter Locking:
b.) Sonic State:

3. Some Au3 like :
Koala (Sampler),
Blackhole (THE reverb).
4. Gadget 2 (there is a free Test-Version) (to have fun.)
5. A great piano App – if you need one.
6. Drums: Patterning 2
7. A good Audio Editor.
8. A good Video Editor.

200 GB iCloud drive  
Not too much at one time.  
!!! You need free time to learn and explore new Apps. !!!

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